Nat Frasca began making jewelry while living in Tokyo at the age of 25. Nat found herself immersed in a city of contrasts. Towering skyscrapers sat next to ancient Shinto shrines. Nat spent her days wandering through neighborhoods and letting herself get lost. She studied Japanese art and language - drawing inspiration from the beautiful art of writing Kanji symbols.

Nat’s first pieces were made of old metal objects from Tokyo flea markets and wire. Later she discovered the feel of the metal was the thing that excited her. She began to study metal smithing from a local woman in a Harajuku neighborhood shop. Three years later she returned to Boston and refined her skills at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Today Nat draws her inspiration from the outdoors and through constant experimentation. She drags the outdoors into her metal studio. Old, hardwood tree trunks, hand-carved by Nat, are her work bench. She carves divots of different widths and depths into the trunks and uses hammers of different sizes and shapes to form her metal pieces. Nat is always experimenting; with different wood, different hammers, different metals, a different day. As Nat puts it, “I rarely end up doing what I originally intended, which is exactly what makes life so exciting.”